Metaphor of cattle
Metaphor of cattle
(Human beings were making the cause of their own illness by themselves / Mankind eats their own meat by themselves / If humankind stops animal food, war will be gone)

Metaphor of the Bible

The Old Testament is an esoteric book. It can not be deciphered even by modern Jewish priests or priests of the Vatican. Because it is written in metaphorical language. (For these reasons, even the Buddhist monks can not deciphere Tripitaka now.)
Because these metaphors are unknown, the Jews took it literally and built up erroneous customs. For example, "Sabbath". Although this does not mean mere holidays, they interpreted them as "holidays". (The real meaning is so profound that I can not say it here in a simple word)

"Sacrifice of animals" also has a different meaning. But when they have a Jewish festival, they actually kill animals. Also, they do not understand the true meaning of the marriage tradition of "Do not marry foreigners".
Let's introduce the real meaning by giving some examples.
In addition, for example, in the Bible there is a mention "Dedicate the first harvest". As a result, people started dedicating the first crop of harvest to the temple. But the real meaning of this is "keep sexual purity till married." Even if you give vegetables and grains, God does not eat it. God is pleased that people are purity.

Also, in the Bible it says "Dedicate one tenth." Therefore the Jews began dedicating one tenth tax of income to the temple. But that is also a misunderstood. The true meaning of this means "pay Karma". God does not want money. What God wants is for people to make atonement for their sins.
In this way, people can not understand the metaphor of the Bible at all. There is also "a cattle's metaphor" in these.

Cattle sacrifice

It says in the Bible "Sacrifice animals such as sheep, goats, cattle, etc". But they are metaphor. One of the animals "cattle" represents "human body". In other words, "to offer a sacrifice of cattle" is to "sacrifice the physical body". Then, what is the sacrifice of the physical body, it is that means "You must redeem sins of past life with your body”, “You must work for the people who suffer ". (Like Mother Teresa)


Well, modern people Westerners and Oriental people have mainly animal food. Beef and pork are served at the restaurant on the day and night, no one has any doubt about it, eating meat calmly everyday. That means that thousands of cattle, pigs and chickens are being killed every day.
The masses think cows, pigs, and chickens as "things". However, contradictory, they cherish dogs and cats like families and condemn those who abuse them. Behind that, they genocide cattle massively. Even if they kill those cattle, far from being condemned, they killing more and more. And the masses are not trying to stop that habit at all.


In parallel with that, people are killing humans day by day. In the war in the Middle East and Africa, thousands of people are killed. That is not what it began to do now. Even if you try to see back to history, the war has never ended this past two thousand years. No, the war had continued before the Era.
And these two - carnivorous and war - are synchronized. In other words, the history of war and the history of animal meals are linked, so if you stop one, either one will cease. To put it more clearly, if humanity stops animal food, war will also go away.

Animal meals come from human ignorance. If you think carefully, it is the same mammal for dogs, cats, cattle, and pigs. They have a feeling as the same of human. They also grieve and are pleased. If the heart of human beings is beautiful enough that they can understand it, they will naturally lose the killings as well.
Also physiologically, it will be proved that carnivorousness produces ferocity.
The tigers kept by Tibetan priests are leave alone and does not attack people. Why? It is because the tigers has not been given meat since it was a baby. The tiger there grows with vegetables. And since the tiger does not remember the taste of blood, it does not attack people.
Just like this, if mankind stops meat eating, they will surely become a mild tribe.

Example sentence

Suppose there is such an ancient document here.
"People killed cattle and were eating."
Literally, "People were eating beef as their staple food", but if we read it as a metaphor, comparing "cattle" to "human body", it means "People were killing their own bodies."
In other words, if I translate it, "People of that age were dying for war and were killed each other". This document has two meanings like this.
Well, if this ancient document exists in a future society and depicts the present earth, how do you think?
People of the future will read this modern age. One meaning is "People of this age had eaten meat", and the other meaning "They were killed by war and killing each other".
In reality, is not it right? Of course you may have not joined the war and have not killed. However, in daily newspaper and television news, they are reporting wars all over the world and there is not a day when the murder case is not reported. (What a savage star, the earth is)

Karma's law

Also, the metaphor of the word "eat meat" can be understood as meaning "harm the human body". In other words, it means that "human beings have made the cause of their own diseases by themselves".

War and murder are artificial, these can be stopped if we try to stop, but even force majeure, diseases, disasters, accidents happen as punishment of what people have done.
That is to say, those who have participated in war and homicide in the previous life, will damage the body in this world. They become sick or become disabled.
This is say that "human being eats their own flesh by themselves".
Nonetheless, humanity will not stop war, homicide. There are a lot of people who affirm the war not only in the war leaders but also among the commoners. They are not conscious of eating their own flesh.

And there are too few people to empathize animals. In the West, they continue to kill turkey on Christmas. In other words, as literally, as a metaphor, they are "those who eat flesh".
If they stop both of these, stop war, stop killing and stop animal food, that people who suffer from diseases, accidents, and disasters will drastically decrease in the future. (However, it is not easy. Because their karma will be carried over to the next life, their karmas are too many.)
This is the truth. "Believe the truth."


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