Budda’ s awaken
Budda’ s awaken
(Modern people are sleeping ? How can you wake up?)

Modern people are asleep

Modern people are asleep.
People get up in the morning, go to school or company, meet people, talk, laugh or eat, but they are actually deeply asleep. "No, I am awake like this." you will say so, but human consciousness is asleep. In general people refer to the awakening of the day as "awakening" against sleep at night. But the modern people are asleep. So, you will say "sleeping" is awakening? That is also different.

What is "waking up"?

So, what is the state of being "awake"? It refers to the state transcending the conscious mind.
There is a limit to the human conscious mind, and we can not see things before being born or after death. We can not remember things while sleeping well, we can not remember past life either. And people do not know why they are alive.
And, "Because there is a limit in life, Let's do what we want within living". There are people who commit crimes, greed and violence.
They are asleep. And the waking up state is the opposite of these.
In other words, having mind transcending the conscious mind, realized that the soul will last forever, have live with love of humanity and to live modestly, that is in a state of "awakening".

Buddha ~ Shaka, Gautama Siddhartha

There was Buddha around the millennium BC. He, Gotama Siddhartha woke up by training, so he can be "Buddha". It means in Sanskrit "waking up."
What was his training and what was the waking up? It is not magical as it is written in "Buddhacarita". He touched the mind beyond the conscious mind, knew the truth, and remembered what he was.
Still, it was not a perfect awakening. No, it is impossible to "wake up completely" as long as it is a human being. Because completely waking up is to lose conscious mind.
In other words, we can not completely wake up, because our conscious mind keeps on us. What we can do is at most "doze". (It means between the state awake and sleep)

If someone wakes up ~ If someone enlighten. Can we call that person "Buddha"?
We can’t. He was just special, he was not just awakening, just because he found out himself that rare errand of God. Everyone is not such a existence.


People have a moment to wake up in the morning. At that time the man is at the boundary of dreams and consciousness. And he (or she) thinks that "I was sleeping, it’s already morning". In this way he understand what he were asleep.
In other words, waking up of the spirit is like this, "a man living in this world, awaken from a deep sleep, begin to notice that there is a greater truth than what he has been living”.
However, humans can not completely grasp the "great thing". They just grasping vaguely. Just as if they are dozing.

You must be keep waken up

Meanwhile, Christ also refers to waking up. "Awake, because you do not know when a thief comes in." "Wake up, when your master arrives, try not to see him your Laziness."
These are saying, "If you do not keep consciousness constantly tied to a high dimension, you can make a mind gap and you may be involved in evil." Also, "If you participate in the evil, it will also be a punishment when you can not expect it".
That is why at first people must stop evil, have compassion, cleanse their minds, and keep on maintaining that state on them. However, it is not easy to throw away the evil = envy, control, depreciate, violence, adultery, intimidation, ego, superiority, etc. Besides, it is also difficult to achieve good deeds.

What kind of people are so "sleeping"?

War leaders. They treat the people as Chess pawn and handle lightly the lives of people. Thus war has spread to the world. Also, because of false pretenses of justice, people who affirm the war are sleeping.
In addition, there are many such people in daily life.
Policemen who conceited that they are great just by wearing uniform.
Politicians who got authority, only sitting on parliamentary.
Misers who succeeded, on Wall Street or telecommunications carrier, and such as businessmen and bankers.
Ego of high status, lawyer, scrivener, doctor, teacher. Person who boasts the beauty of appearance and the height of status. Boasting physical features, athletes physical abilities etc.
On the contrary, the people who think that they are not blessed are jealous the rich and famous people. Someone who is jealous of the neighborhood whose salary or position is better than oneself.
Even though the news of war and disaster is being displayed on television, some people do not have pity and decide that that is everyone else.
Some people who can not forget the evil others made to himself, keeps hatred, etc.
Such people are "sleeping". In other words, such people - most people on earth - are in the darkness and they can not see the truth.
And in order for them to see things in the dark, light is necessary.

How can you wake up?

A waking man is a person who confronts the world. He is a heart that is clean, not trying to make crime, not commit adultery, not to violence, has compassion to others.
If each man does not make this effort as much as possible, the entire earth will sink in the darkness. Because the human race creates a tragedy by themselves with the crusades' battle in the year 500 AD, the dark ages of the Western knights in the thousand years, age of civil war in the a thousand five hundred years, world War in the 1900 AD.
This world’s ruler will be a victim of the afterlife, and the victims of this life may have been abusers in former life.
We must break such a vicious circle.


For waking up there are several ways.
? Recognize the teaching of Christ
Light is the teaching of Christ. Do not look down on the teachings of Christ. You may not think that it is only one religious philosophy. Because it is for all humanity. You must deciphers it, understands and practices it. It will eventually lead you to waking up.

? Regressive hypnosis to former life
(although not everyone can see their past), by psychotherapy of regressive hypnosis we can reflect on what we made mistakes in the past. Then we will have no choice but to think about why our life is given. Then, perhaps we will be reforming the present violence.

Frequently the Bible comes up with a story about fasting. When people were saddened, it is written that "they tore the clothes, wear sackcloth, wear sand on my head and fast." Modern people should also follow this.
First of all, "To tear the clothes and wear sackcloth" is meaning to stop wearing the expensive clothes you are wearing and replace it with plain clothes.
"Wearing sand on your head" means that you are putting yourself in a more severe situation in dry Israel where it does not rain. In other words, turning back to the glittering world, have a time of solitude, focusing on the mind.
"Fasting" does not mean "not to eat" literally but means to eat plain something and to depart from worldliness customs (eg, television, mobile phone, games etc in modern times).
By doing like this, you will see what you couldn’t see, while you live like a robot or when you were at a social gear. You will think that you should not leave it as it was before.
After doing "fasting" or meditation like this, you can adjust easily to the wavelength with heaven. You can get light ~a message from God.


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