The fault that we find in others, it is in us too
(Jewish priests killed the prophets whom worship in past lives / Mankind will change after 2,000 to 4,000 years)

Do not blame others

Modern people do not know the law of God, do not know the existence of God, have a momentary way of living, there is no one who corrects it.
It is like a group of sheep with no owner, so to speak. When a wolf enters there, the sheep are slain easily. That "wolf" is "malice, hostility, envy against others in human beings" and so on. When it gets in, the person who was a good man = sheep becomes "the good within it is dead = evil man".
And, there are such dangers among everyone. Because modern people are neither white nor black. Everyone has black and white parts as well. It is the difference whether that proportion is more or less.
In other words, we do not have the authority to blame others.
That said, of course it is not saying that you should release a murderer for nothing.
That is that we are not such a wonderful existence as we think. This tendency is particularly visible to powerful people who think that they are great.
Its powerful people are teachers, doctors, politicians, parents, national civil servants and so on. You may be the case.

Chinese who hate Japan

China is a dictatorial nation called the Communist Party and its dictatorship leaders will not be able to maintain their power when citizens cause a democratization movements, they are trying not to make citizens do democratization movements.
They are often trying to suppress the energy outlets of the people by creating imaginary enemies. In other words, they are trying to make misdirections, not to make domestic leaders hostile.
The imaginary enemies that they made up are Japan. They dig up the past war problems, publicize the bad things the Japanese have done to Chinese citizens, fueling anti-Japanese riots.
Resentment against the terrible things that they were done may seem seemingly correct. However, Japan does not hate the United States that dropped the atomic bomb on their country, rather, they are making them friends, and there is no other country in the world that is resentful by past war problems all around the world. Even Germany that Hitler had become a member of the international community.
Let's assume that bad things are bad, and that having hatred is a matter of course.
Certainly, the brutality of Japanese soldiers at that time was terrible. However, it has been decades since the war, and most of the evil people are deceased. Although modern Japan has many problems, it is relatively calm and has never showed violence in diplomatic relations.

Think about reincarnation

Here, everyone, please think about reincarnation. A person is a living entity that is reincarnating.
Then, the contemporary Japanese children were not Japanese at the time of the war. Rather, they were not even born. Is it right for them to peal the hatred's fangs?
Moreover, every Chinese people in the violence are young people. People of that generation were not directly injured, just listening to such a story, are burning their anger. And they were also people who were not Chinese during the war.
The bad guy has to reincarnate to take responsibility for the evil that he has done. White who discriminated against blacks will reincarnate in the afterlife to black people.
Then it is possible that heinous Japanese who was bad in China are reincarnated in China very much. If the Chinese people who are currently fanging in Japan, was a brutal Japanese soldier's reincarnation, is not it ridiculous?
Because they have that ferocity, even now they are reborn in China, they may be showing their ferocity. They will be blaming themselves without knowing that they were former perpetrators.
If they say that do not so, stop anger and fangs. Look, is not the Japanese masses rebellious against China and not peeling their fangs? They are just confused.

Justice hating crime

Justice is those people who think they are right. They are proud of their correctness.
For example, some school teachers, some of them rage at students' late arrival, chat, leave homework, etc. and add corporal punishment. Yes, these teachers may not be bad guys. However, they are not saints. And when they were children they should have made many mistakes.
For example, policemen, they are just members of small citizens.
But they treat those who are not villains as villains, at arrest, they behave arrogantly that they are righteousness of justice.
(Detecting gambling ... If it were not forbidden by law, they would have been gambling as well.
Prostitution Detected ... Some of them may have prostitized.
Traffic regulation ... they should also have one or two parking violations)
If the prohibition prohibition law is enforced, they happily arrested a sealed liquor shop, on the other hand, if the law is canceled, they must also drink alcohol publicly. In short, they are not moving in justice, they are robots that obey the law.
And some of them became policemen because they want to show off their power and want to look down on others.

People who killed Christ

At the time of the era, the priests who were supposed to serve God were mobilized. And they themselves thought they were saints.
They blinded Moses' law and could not understand the metaphor of what is being written, and they were putting death penalty the misdemeanors one after another. While doing such things they claimed that they were descendants of former saints and prophets.
Prophets are people who have conveyed the word of God from mankind to mankind. Starting with Abel killed by Cain, Elijah, who was persecuted, John the Baptist of Jesus' era, most were not accepted from the masses, they were persecuted or executed by authorities.

Jesus said to the priests. "You will raise up the tombs of the prophets, saying, ‘If we were in the father's age, we would not have killed the prophets like our fathers’, but as you said that, You have proof yourselves as descendants of the killing of the prophets. “
In other words, the priests who are pretending to be saints now are actually killing prophets in past lives. However, they were born this time and worshiped the saints they killed.
In other words, it was that the murderer hid himself a murderer and condemned a misdemeanor.

The more you get angry with the faults of others, the faults are among yourself

People who hate violence ... they may have been acting violently in the battlefield of hundreds of years ago.
(The writer Richard Buck is a mild, spiritual and pacifist, but he reveals in his book that he is a reincarnation of Attila the Great, a synonym for tyrant. In this way, even peaceful people in this world do not know what they were doing in the past life. )
People who hate sexual crime... Even if it is a misdemeanor, Justice Han who does not allow sexual crimes, it may be that he has committed for adultery in his past life.
People who hate political corruption ... Maybe they were politicians who have cheated on past lives.

Mankind will change after 2,000 to 4,000 years

Now, since the year 2000 AD, the present villainy people are prevented from reincarnation, only good people can be reincarnated. And the good guys rise to the heavenly world between 2,000 or 4,000 years, and they will no longer reincarnate to the earth.
Then, at the same time in the subsequent era, former villain people are reincarnated on the earth. They are contemporary tyrant, authority, war manager, heinous murderer, guidance of terrorism. In addition, they are the ones who greed evil sex.

When they come back to earth, in that age the world is regulated by the correct rules, so they will be protected by that custom and become people like saints. In other words, they will be a good people different by 180 degrees from the present age.
And they will condemn those who committed small ethical mistakes like great deeds. Because there are similar or more sins in them.

However, you should not be appearing on Earth after thousands of years reading this. To stay on the earth is because there is a deficiency in the soul.
In other words, you must begin to look faults among others small. By doing so you will forgive yourself who committed a crime in the past life, and eventually will be able to live in the heavenly world


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