The next coming of Christ

Is not Christ coming?

In the New Testament "Acts of the Apostles" an angel says to those who look up to Jesus who went up to heaven. "Jesus who was raised in the heavens came in the same way as you saw" he said.
So Christ will come to earth again in the form of Jesus of that time. But that is not our era. ~ That Jesus will not come ~ Will the Messiah not come?

Does Jesus come?

But contradictory to above, Jesus is coming.
However, it does not come in the form that people think. Tall, wearing a long clothes, bearded with long hair, enchanting the audience with a dignified voice, healing people of sick one after another, revive the dead, make a number of miracles, it does not mean that.
He will come. However, this time he does not working on substances, but by approaching our spirit. Everyone may say that this is a story that is almost impossible to grasp clouds. However, what I am talking about here is not stated in an abstract sense. Naturally, a change occurs in the heart of mankind, the world changes naturally, it is not like that.

It is not an abstract meaning ~ Christ and Jesus

Let's tell you the meaning of the word "Christ" and the word "Jesus". First of all, Christ is the Greek word "Messiah = savior", it is the title that crowned Jesus the Spirit of God.
And this word also points to the heart of God in us at the same time. In other words, inside of us all human beings have a mold of God, and when a person approaches good it comes to surface.
In other words, those who do good are that God appears on the surface, and they are accompanying with God. And when the world is full of good people, we can say that "Christ came to the world".
On the other hand, the word "Jesus" represents Jesus himself, an individual who was an Implementation of God (although the name of Jesus at that time was then ordinary). That Jesus, the only god's implementer, left the earth in the AD (not dead, but changed to a spiritual body and risen in dimension), and again in the year 2000, he came to earth.
Until then he was active in other areas of the universe, beside he did not think that he would like to visit the Earth because he was badly forsaken. But he could not have saved the most miserable earth in the universe, he came to Earth for the first time in 2,000 years.

Christ = God = Jesus

The existence of God that we humans can not understand. It is more real than us (rather, we are like haze), he is the creator of all mankind, the sun, planets, the entire alien, the whole universe.
That God is permanently unchanged but once it separated a part of the spirit into a single spirit, traveled through the universe and came to the galaxy where we live with errands (Even galaxies are like dust as seen from the whole universe).

The reason why he came to the small galaxy is that this was the most dirty in the universe. He came here to repair this. And he came to the earth in the lowest level in solar system among the galaxies.
That was "Adam" in the Genesis of the Bible. Later he was visiting the earth several million years ago, hundreds of thousands of years ago, tens of thousands of years ago, and thousands of years ago,
Finally, he came to the AD, have not been to the earth for the last 2 thousand years. In the meantime he left the planet to the apostles.
The apostles have been working as a variety of historical figures for the past two thousand years. For example, Nostradamus, Muhammad, Edgar Cayce (and possibly DaVinci, Beethoven, Emanuel Swedenborg, Emperor of Meiji, Prince Shotoku, Tokugawa Ieyasu, Sakamoto Ryoma etc).
However, none of them revolutionized the Earth. However, they leave preparations. That are myths. Myth is not just plain shit but to teach mankind the truth of the universe, to make the world peaceful, individuals happy.

God has jurisdiction over the entire universe

First of all, we must change our selfish thinking.
If you have money, work, and life is stable, you should not think that it is irrelevant for others to become homeless. In order to be satisfied, do not let others be a object of sex. Do not think that disasters and wars in other countries of the world do not matter if even yourself safe.
And we should not think that the earth is the only place to live.
Also in this solar system ~ Jupiter, Mars and Mercury ~ There are places to live, and there are hundreds of thousands of stars in the galaxy. Moreover, the galaxy is like a dust in the whole universe. Furthermore, the earth is only one star in the solar system in the galaxy.
Being selfish in that small world is a very shameful thing. We are all watching, to exploit others, to have no mercy, to deceive others.

What would you do if your violence was seen by a noble person than you? People are to clean themselves for better reflection. But what if he had seen it through? You just shame.
In other words, oppressing others in a small world called Earth, rich who did not have compassion, power person, tyrant, violent person, egotist, nature destroyer, etc.
~ Especially, it is also common among ordinary people who believe that they are not doing bad things ~
When they comes to the people of the world above they will be seen and will not be able to make excuses.
In this way, Christ tells us that the universe is bigger than the human being thinks, it is not a desert that mankind thinks, but a richer civilization than the earth is prosperous, and if you want to engage with that affinity world, do not be shameless.
He continued teaching that.

The metaphor of the Last Judgment

The Son of Man will take glory and stand before all the people, and divide them: the flock of sheep on the right and the flock of goat and on the left.
God says to flocks of sheep. "You gave me food when I was hungry, when I was naked, you gave me clothes, when I was in prison, you came to visit me, and healed me when I was sick”.
When they said "We do not remember doing such things", God replied, It is the same as what you made me do that you made the smallest one."
Meanwhile, to the flock of goat he said, "You did not do anything good to me" and threw them into an eternal fire. And good people gave them eternal life.

In this way, we must provide assistance to the most oppressed people. If we do not so, we will not only be ashamed but will be destroyed by plague, disaster, accident, etc.
Rather, Christ hopes that people will be saved. So, he comes to teaching to earthlings.

He is coming now.

He is currently looking at the earth. In other words, the god who administers the whole universe is paying attention to a star like a dust in a corner of the universe. That is because the star is the most depraved and needs the most salvation.
And a message from him will be brought forth. (But he got off to the ground, and wouldn’t call himself Jesus Christ)
Those who do not repent whether they heard that teaching will say to Christ."You did not do anything good for me."
And they will be thrown into the darkness.
On the other hand, those who have heard the teachings (Some people need a few incarnations) will be given eternal life.

eternal life

"To be burned in an eternal fire" means that a person committing a murder falls into an area called hell and can not be transferred to the earth in the afterlife, "being thrown into the darkness" is born again also can not remember things of the previous life and can not even realize why he was born in this world and hesitates the mind all his life.
And "getting eternal life" means going up to the upper world, living as a human being with physical and conscious but being able to reincarnate in that area without losing memories of the previous life.
In this state, since the consciousness of the previous life does not disappear, even if the incarnation and the body change, there is no real death any longer. It can evolve to a human being who it is not to die.


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