Power of prayer
(Prayer has the power to change the world ? Meaning of the shrine 's Sacred rope)

A world without faith

Modern developed countries seem to have religious being neglected.
No, in a country like Japan, it is considered a religious equals cult, and it is about being petty. But in fact, they use Christianity at the time of the wedding, Buddhism at the time of the funeral, and pilgrims to the shrine at the beginning of the year.

Even in the West, they say "Jesus Christ", "Oh my god" etc every day and so on, but ignore the teaching of the Bible.
Though they are told "Thou, do not kill", they are doing war,
"Even if you are beaten on the right cheek, give the left", but the war is retaliatory,
They are committed adultery even though it is said that "thou, you shall not commit adultery"
Although it is said that "rich people enter the kingdom of God is more difficult than a camel goes through a needle hole", they greed money.
And even on a worldwide basis, only superficial religion is rampant, and few people have real faith.

Buddhists are simply thankful for the monks groaning the scriptures and they do not try to know the content,
Muslims also assume that there is a benefit just by listening to the Koran's tape
(However, it is still just as good as they have faith).
Furthermore, unless it is a seminary school, we can hardly teach about religion in general schools. Therefore, the general people do not believe in the existence of God and do not know the true God's word.
Therefore, children do not learn about prayers, and few adults who pray as a habit.


Prayer is what we often use when we are struggle. For example, in the event of a disaster, we often see scenes of citizens of the country and other citizens praying for the afflicted areas in TV news. It is humanity love.
Also, do each individual also pray often during birth, during the examination, etc?
And, Westerners seem to have more people who have praying habits than Oriental people. It will be exclusively thanks to Christianity.
But they seem to forget prayers when things go to war. The people of the war parties are not going to pray for the war to end but they are no longer just crazy about forgetting prayers and defeating enemy countries. Meanwhile, people outside of the war also do not pray for the end of the war, they regard others as people's affairs.
Still, there are few people who wish the end of the war in the world. Perhaps the number may not be as low as I think. If so, and if there is power in prayer, why has not its effect been demonstrated?

Psychic Power

Actually, there is power in prayer. However, there are times when prayer can be fulfilled, and there are times when it can not be fulfilled.
That is why, in this world there are differences between people with spiritual power and those who do not. In other words, the prayer of people with strong spiritual power is easy to true, while the prayers of people with weak spiritual power are difficult to fulfill.
And since the vast majority of people have only weak spiritual power, prayers will not come true immediately. For example, you can understand that you can not be comfortably granted even if you hope "get rich", "want a lot of lovers" or "want to be prime minister" It is because the spiritual power of the ordinary people is weak (rather it is a good thing because if everyone can fulfill their wishes this world is filled with more severe violence).

Shrine 's Sacred rope

There is something called Sacred rope in the Japanese shrine. This is a huge, knitted rope. If you have not seen it, I recommend you go to see. It differs in size depending on the shrine, and there are also huge depending on things.
The meaning indicated by Sacred rope is this. "A straw is a symbol of one prayer, it is weakly small, it will be cut shortly as it is pulled, but when it comes to bundles it becomes somewhat stronger and twisting it in a rope is a mighty. It becomes something and it can not be cut easily. Moreover, if you make a number of the ropes and make it huge and make it unable to tear off with the hand of man, it becomes very strong.
In this way, the majority of prayers become powerful and can be granted. "

In other words, if we pray for the same thing at the same time, rather than praying separately and individually, it is not impossible for us to have peace. However, it is necessary to persevere without fail neglectfully for many years.
(Note: There is a technique in prayer, it is better to do "do not put negative words in that prayer." For example, when praying that "war is over", in that prayer, there is a negative character "war." Since it is possible that "war" is input to the subconscious and affirm the war, it is better for words of prayer to be "Peace will come" etc.) .

Prayer has power

So what if we pray for negative things? That means that negative things come back to us.
And, that negative prayer can no longer be called "prayer" but is called "curse". Suppose an individual curses someone else's or group. If that power is small the curse can not be fulfilled, but if the power is big, he can destroy the opponent.
However, that curse will also destroy the cursed person. So never, do not use the power of curse for anyone (anything). It is because it is unpredictable how the power of feeling works.
Before that, doing personal character formation that does not have hatred is the reason why life exists.

Hiroshima? Nagasaki

Japan is the only country in the world where the atomic bomb was dropped.
And on the day when the atomic bomb is dropped every year, ceremonial attendees pray for memorial of the war dead and to become a world without nuclear weapons.
In this way, the peaceful prayers of many people will be fulfilled someday.
In other words, the world follows this, and at the same time at the same time, ~at the end Christmas etc~ we should pray for the end of the war and equality of humanity, world peace.
If so, the world would really become peaceful.

(People outside of Japan still misunderstand the atomic bomb. Especially Americans think the atomic bomb is like a big bomb. Even famous cinema directors are misleading the public by describe the atomic bombs lightly, from a false point of view. And, as a matter of fact, the public has little sympathy as a stranger to the country where the atomic bomb was dropped. They think that “it can not be helped because it is a war”, but the atom bomb is the most cruel weapon.)
* This is not because the author is Japanese, it is dangerous to any country.

Power to change the world

The fact that a curse comes back to us means, to the contrary, prayer also comes back to us. In other words, a wish for peace is also a means of making yourself healthy and happy.
When Christ told apostles "Please tell us how to pray", he taught them to pray this way. "Father, I pray your name will be raised. May your kingdom come. Please give us the necessary bread on a daily basis. Forgive our sins, because we will forgive them. Please do not leave us to try. "
In other words, we do not pray "I ... ? I ..." but rather that "we are ... ... we are ..." must be prayed.
It is not that we should not make individual wishes, but more sublime prayers - if you are spiritually better than others - please pray like Christ. And by praying like this you will see yourself being saved.


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