You can have long life
(Life is 150 years / I will dispatch you as if release a sheep to a flock of wolves)

Lifetime of modern people

There was a phrase "life is fifty years" in Japan's warring era. Because it was an era when people killed each other, there were so many cases that they will die in battle before they die of senility and illness.
In modern times, human beings live longer. Many people live to be one hundred years old. And scientists say that in the future human longevity can be extended to 200 years old.

Karma, accident, illness

However, as a matter of fact, many people die in the middle of the life due to illness or accident. Plague is prevalent, traffic accidents are everyday, all over the world are hit by disasters such as floods, big earthquakes and hurricanes.
And evryday murder case happens, the war continues. For that reason people who live to a hundred years old are extremely rare and they are never completely dead in senescence.
The cause is Karma. However, people think that all causes of those disasters are force majeure and believe that they will not be able to do anything if they make efforts, but in reality these calamity are happening for Karma.
In other words, it means that the rewards of murder and violence that human beings caused in past lives and in this world are occurring.


However, even if I propose such a theory, the majority of people will not believe. Because modern people do not believe in reincarnation. They are thinking, "A person is like a living ameber at random, and goes to heaven when it dies and everything ends with that."
Furthermore, as many people think themselves are a good person, they will not admit that they've committed murder in past lives or hurt others in this world.
However, in fact, even a cold is a work that Karma makes. The hatred, resentment, anger, etc. that you had against others comes out in the form of a cold.
Doctors and scientists will make laugh that a cold caused by viruses and temperatures, not related to karma.

Human life span in the Bible era

It is written in the Genesis of the Old Testament that "Adam lived to be nine hundred and thirty years old." It is said that Enoch lived to 365 years, Abraham was 175 years old, Isaac was 180 years old, Jacob 147 years old, and Joseph lived 110 years old.
We can not believe Adam's lifetime as 1000 years old, but this is a historical fact. First of all, they were able to realize such a lifetime, as this era was long before our era and human body was different from modern human body and their spiritual elements were very high.

Besides, those days, even though 1000 years old, they never thought that it was long. Because the concept of time has not been established yet in the times of the creation of heaven and earth. For example, ten years is shorter than a century? Just like that, it is a thousand years shorter than 10,000 years.
Because we compare it with a hundred years it only seems like a thousand years is long. In short, everything is a matter of comparison.
By the way, since the time of Abraham, the life expectancy of people has become relatively modern. Because that era is closer to modernity than Adam's age, and it is because God has decided so that mankind fulfills the purpose of reincarnation of the earth.

In the first place, what is the earth

The reason why men gets incarnated on the ground is to repent himself. In other words, there is life in order to repent egos. And if one life is a thousand years, the efficiency of that cycle will be worse. Especially in modern times, in a busy, destroyed world, a thousand years is too long.
If human beings do not kill each other, live relatively calmly and slowly pay karma, God would have given mankind a long life expectancy. It was indeed the era of Adam. However, since around the Atlantis era, humanity's violence became fierce, and even if human lived for a long time, they do not compensate, God had shortened the life expectancy of mankind and accelerated the incarnation cycle.

Longevity will increase

What if the bad guys did not repent even if there was a thousand years' life span? It will be a waste of time. Lifespan was shortened to eliminate its inefficiency. In other words, unless every single life is in vain, human life is likely to be long.
To not waste is that each person stops self-centeredness and lives to devote affection to others. If humanity builds such a society, more longevity will increase more than now.
But remember that the ground is a place to redeem karma. It is not there to live a comfortable life (not to say that you do not have fun at all). And those who are qualified to live a comfortable life will go up to the heavenly world, so the only remaining will be those who are to be punished.
Therefore, there is suffering on the ground and it is natural.

Still you should live long on earth

But if you respect the above story and people who suffer suffering appear, it does not mean that they should all be discouraged and send a whole life.
Those who are arrogant and are looking down on others should be discouraged, people who are fully depressed and disappointed enough should live cheerfully with hope. In this way a modesty and good society will be built.
If the world is like this, you will be able to reduce the karma that you should receive and you will be able to carry it to the next life with dividing loan payment instead of lump sum payment. People can create a society of peace and longevity for a long time if they are reincarnated many times over such hundreds of years and gradually raise the level.

The lifetime set by heaven is 150 years old

The real life expectancy of modern people is one hundred fifty years old.
In other words, this is the year in which cells of the human body continue to live in the three-dimensional world, and if you keep on proper exercise, diet and excretion, it is the life expectancy that can be achieved originally.
However, the record of people who lived up to 150 years old in modern people is not exist officially ~. It is because everyone is dead with calamity caused by karma.
It is also because longevity people who do not have big karma get out of the body earlier than planned. Even though they are able to live longer, some people do not want to live longer, there are also people who choose death (not about suicide).
Think about it, if your body waste away and can not walk, if you go out, there is no friend, you do not think anything is fun and you can not have any interests.
Such people will come to think that there is no use be in this world. And, when becoming a certain elderly, we will liberate our soul from the body.

But if the number of elderly people who do not owe the karma in the future increases more, they will be able to gather and become friends. Also, if work is applied to them, it will make them live for them, and no one thinks that it is meaningful to live in this world.
Again, living in this world is in helping others who are suffering. In this world where such people are constant, there will be no need for those who do such work.
The modern society has decided retirement age about 65 years old. However, although people do not want overwork, moderate work is indispensable. We must create a social system that can give it to all. (However, it should not take the form of compulsion, "compulsion" is "evil").
To do for others is to do for ourselves. Building a society is also to benefit when we become an old man.


In order for mankind of the earth to live longevity, it is first to stop violence. In other words, we must repent sexual abuse and have compassion on others.
And after many reincarnation, you will pay the karma that you have now. To do that, you must redeem yourself in every single life.
Redemption is to compensate the past sins that one has committed in the form of a corresponding suffering.

Also, among humans on the earth, in spite of they don’t owe their own karma, some people come down to purposely help the human race from the heavenly world. Such people do not owe karmas like the indigenous souls (although they owe little karma).
And what they have to do is not to get on the pace of the earthly human beings of the earth.
The earth is full of mistakes. Many, low-level people who think that they are right, are cheating others with credible words. This is the world, you must recognize it and be cautious.
In other words, it means that you must not participate in contrary to the law of God.
Also, this can be said to everyone. "I will send you out like sheep to the flock of wolves, be smart like a snake and be honest like a pigeon."
Then they (you) have a license to longevity.

In this way, evil karma will fade away from the ground, and mankind will be able to complete longevity.


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