How to escape from darkness / About light and darkness
(If your eyes are bright the whole body will be shining / Mercy and sexual cleanliness)

The suffering of modern people

When the world recession, people begin to worry about the economy first. Such people would feel like this. " It seems that I am walking in the dark."
Of course "darkness" is a metaphor and they are not living in a cave not hit by the sun's light. It is talking about the darkness of the mind.
On the other hand, even those who are getting jobs,
Unmarried elderly people are uneasy about whether they can marry in the future,
People who are married are anxious about whether they will get sick in the future, and whether they are stable in old age.
In short, almost everyone is living with anxiety in modern society.

Darkness of mind

Let's first consider the psychological state of unemployed people.
They lack money, can not buy food, because medical expenses can not be paid, they are in danger of life. So their hearts are completely dark.
However, it is not only for these reasons that they are discouraged. They are not discouraged about their own things, they despair against the fact that the world does not have compassion.
For job seekers, any company will receive an interview unless the job is decided. However, since it is not accepted wherever they go, they feel like they have refused their human nature, and their heart are being depressed.
This means that there is no love in the world. Of course, the company side is refusing recruitment due to financial difficulties of the company.
However, it is also the time when the gap between rich and poor spreads during recession. In other words, there are people who are over-profitable on the one hand, they can afford to hire, but they do not have the mind to give others, and their heartlessness creates darkness in society.


The difference of rich and poor is that while there are poor, there are rich people.
In developing countries such as India, Africa and South America, this mechanism always works.
In other words, rich people who do not have compassion to many poor people have a monopoly the wealth that they got. They can do it if they want to bless the poor, they do not have compassion.
They can do it if they try to give a job to the poor, but they will not do it. It is for the ego who wants to bring money together.
The mercilessness of some of these successful makers is creating the darkness of society. And it also creates darkness in the hearts of successful people themselves.

A metaphor of a person with mercy

Suppose you were suffering from unemployment.
There was a manager who hired you despite the painful management situation. You thought that life was saved. And years later, the manager became seriously sick. You nurse him dedicated and eventually you will receive a message from the angel "I will heal him" in a dream. You will gladly report it to him. He continued to keep thanking you, continuing to shed tears.
You will say. "I did not save, you yourself saved you. Did not you forcibly and saved me despite painful management conditions? You have saved yourself. "

As opposed to ruthless successful men, merciful managers and successful men are saved when pinching in this manner. Please think about it.
What kind of rich person can be said to be perfect in the future. Because everyone is just a human being, you do not know when you will get a pinch. If it is, it is a good idea to become a person with compassion as above.

The rich are not happy

Well, in movies and novels, unfortunate rich stories will come up. The general people envy rich people. However, rich oneself is not happy. They could not get a real friend, they could not get true love. Besides, they do not get eternal life. Rather, their egos keep themselves away from eternal life.
Why rich people can not be happy? No, in the beginning they would sprinkle money and play around. However, such things will get bored in due course. For example, it is like a drug. Drag can get pleasure temporarily, but says that they suffers afterwards.
Just like this, excessive luxury creates a reaction. The world is built on balance. Karma's law is also the same. Therefore, there is sadness behind the enjoyment.
"People who are happy now are unfortunate, because they will be sad afterwards."


And that also applies to sex. In other words, those who do infidelity and immoral sex will drown in pleasure only then, but they will be caught by great despair later. The story of "Adam and Eve" represents it.
That is, another reason for the darkness of modern people, it is in sexual acts in violation of God's law.
For example, there are people who are incapable of money, have jobs, are blessed with friends, and are healthy, they can not shake off the darkness. On the contrary, the majority of people are. That is because they were doing sexual acts.
But modern people do not know the law of their sex.
No, they invite the darkness themselves, as they are doing it, regardless of having a guilt feeling on their own. And irresponsible social customs are conducive to it.
The successive prime ministers, the president, the king and others do not teach the citizens of sexual precepts. School teachers who raised their leaders did not know that either. Because everything does not know the law of sex, it is a factor that creates the darkness of the heart.

Your eyes

"If your eyes are bright, the whole body will be shining."
The word of Christ is full of metaphor. "Eye" he said is also a metaphor. It represents the pineal gland within the seven glands of the human body. This gland called pineal gland is the origin of the soul which appeared to the body, giving human being a spiritual view. It is also commonly referred to as the third eye.
And the psychic people are developed here and they spirit through here.
This gland is the representative one among the seven glands, and it administers everything. Therefore, that this gland is clean means that all other glands are pure and the whole body is clean. In other words, that person is healthy.

Mechanism ~ lifetime

On the other hand, the lowest part of the human gland is the gonad, the other glands are tightly intertwined, and this gonad is directly acting on the pineal gland.
So, if a person sexually do illegal acts to the law of sex, because the gonads become soiled, the gonads can not send good energy to the pineal body. Then, the power of the pineal gland also dullens. The dull power of the pineal gland is that the person clouds the spiritual vision.
In other words, this is to bring darkness to people.

Spiritual vision

In short, anxiety, troubles, sorrows, sufferings, and darkness that modern people have are caused by losing their spiritual vision.
If a person can see the future, it may not be so concerned. Furthermore, if you can see throughout the universe, you may be able to convince you that it was built from before you were born as a trial you have to suffer when living as a human being.
Or you may find a variety of solutions to the trouble and be able to deal with it.
That means "get light".


So, how can you cleanse the pineal gland? To do that, cleanse the gonads first. And to cleanse the gonads is to observe the law of sex. Furthermore, keeping the law of sex leads to obeying the law of God, and those who obey God's law are those who have mercy.
If you become a person of compassion like this, the pineal glitter will shine and you will get the light.


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