War will be over
(The era of red will be over and it will be the era of spirit / If mankind accepts teaching)

Bob Dylan's song

There is a song called "Blowin' In the Wind” by Bob Dylan's song. In this song, Dylan sangs " how many deaths will it take til he knows, too many people have died, the answer is blowin in the wind".
A music critic explained this meaning. "This lyric can be interpreted in various ways, for example, when will the war end? the answer is floating in the wind and nobody knows. And the answer is blowing in the wind and we are about to get it, and the answer is blowing and going away. "
In other words, this critic is not sure when war will end. No, neither Dylan himself do not know the day, nor any other person knows it. In the first place they do not even know whether war goes away or not. That's why the poet is trying to express such ambiguous expressions and to give it to us.

History of human warfare

So why is there no sign of end of war? That is because there is no time when there was no war in human history, as long as human beings remember. Modern human beings do not know the historical facts ten thousand years ago and a million years ago.
~ They ~ or you ~only know that Christ was there in the era, the kingdom of Israel had grown in 1000 BC. Mankind does not even believe that there was Atlantis civilization tens of thousands of years ago, and they laugh at people who advocate such a thesis.
And they do not believe anything without any scientific evidence of historical books or dating. The historical material they can know is at best not more than 1000 BC. For that reason they only know the records from 1000 BC to the year 2000.
And during that time, human history is filled with conflict, so human beings have thought that history is what war goes on. And because they themselves have waged the war after the war and become parties, they can not imagine the end of the war.
They do not know that there was a peaceful era on the earth, the earth since the genesis was far more peaceful than it was now.

Cain and Abel

In other words, as human beings think, humans have not fought from the primitive age. The historical fact is in the Bible. (However, modern people regard the Bible as a fairy tale and do not regard it as historical fact.)
Cain and Abel 's story comes out in the Genesis of the Bible. A story Cain kills his brother Abel. This is the first murder in human history. Moreover, at this time, there was still hatred for individuals, people were not warring, and there was no frequent killing.

The age of Atlantis

Cain and Abel are ancient stories. Further closer to the present day, I tell you about tens of thousands of years ago. On the earth tens of thousands of years ago there was the Atlantis civilization.
So the war began around this time? Has homicide become routine? Plato's books "Critias" and "Timaeus" have descriptions of Atlantis. It says that Atlantis had sunk overnight because the human ruins fell.
In other words, the civilization was destroyed by the great corruption. They do sexual abuse, torture and do demonic things. Still, they did not do such a big war as tens of thousands of people died like the present age.

Modern severity

However, contemporary people do not only perform adultery, orgy, discrimination, disparity, violence, ruthlessness, greedy, but also routinely conduct murder and war. Of course, there are a lot of people not doing such things, living in peace.
With that people, the world has not yet been destroyed, but in this way it has become a more severe era than the Atlantis era. One reason is that this era was "the age of red".
The characteristic of this red age is that it brings activity to mankind. Originally this power is not evil, it should be used for good, the red age itself is not bad. Originally this force works on reproductive development, it should promote the increase to mankind, help each other through activities, and use it for the development of the soul.
However, mankind twisted it into anger, conflict, rule, war.

Christ's warning

In order to spread teaching, Christ dispatched the apostles to various places. In that time, he told the cities where they did not repent. "Cafernaum, you will fall to the ground, Sodom is less guilty of sin than you."
This means that those who did not repent, despite the teaching, are punished more severely than the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Because in Sodom and Gomorrah did not bring teaching in the first place. If teachings were brought to Sodom and Gomorrah, it might have been without extinction.
And even though the contemporary society is corrupted, if they do not hear the teachings, it will be more severe than Sodom and Gomorrah.
Please think about it. Why is this world not yet destroyed though the world is full of murder and war like this.

One of the reasons is that there are still many good people in this world. Another reason is that teaching has not been brought yet. And if teachings are brought forth, and if mankind starts listening to it, stopping fighting and helping each other, the world will be truly saved.
But if they do not listen to the teachings, if they continue war, and each one keeps giving priority to self, this world will perish. (Many modern spirituals are predicting the destruction of the world, but that assumes this case.)
If that happens, about 100 years later, all good people who are now on the earth will go up to the heavenly world, and when the ground comes to the next generation, only the villains will be born to the earth and only the evil will be destroyed at the same time.

The end of the red era

The red era is over now. The era changes from "activity" to "spirit". In human society so far, people with active abilities have been respected, sports athletes with high physical abilities, rock singers who are noisy, etc have been viewed as heroes. Also, "Acting" is regarded as an important thing, acting regardless of good and evil has been regarded as virtue.
But from now on, not going out, but heading inward will be the practice of the world.
For example, in the school, studies of the spiritual inner space and the outer universe are done, people will hypnotize to learn about the previous life and learn how to draw up spiritual power.
In other words, they will stop care about others and other countries ~and stop fighting. Beyond that, they thinking back to the galaxy and out of the galaxy, they will no longer be forgotten about conflict.
If they notice a bigger reality, the reality they thought was big until then would seem small. If there was a galaxy Olympics, it would not be too proud to take a gold medal at the Earth Olympic Games. That is, even if they win the game by kicking other people, it seems like a small thing.
So, inevitably unnecessary longing for the status and fame will go away.

War will cease

Then the Earth becomes a state in the galaxy, the cities in the state (countries of the Earth) inevitably stop the war. Of course there can be no conflict between state (star) and state (star).
However, as mentioned above, it is said that if humanity accepts teaching, practices it, and help each other.


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