About the Millenarianism
(The millenarianism will come, but we must make effort and we must be a bridge /
It will be an era when many people can go up to heaven)

The word of the millenarianism

If they hear that "the millenarianism will come", how do people feel? Do they say that “Such a thing is
impossible”, "Oh, do utopia really come?"
People who do not believe have a point. Because the world is full of malice. And if it comes, it may be tens
of thousands of years ahead.
On the other hand, those who imagined utopia coming when heard that it was the momentary millenarianism, they
may have regarded it as the arrival of peace without trouble and suffering.
I would like to tell the following whether the bliss millennium will come or not.

Unbelievably, terrible world

The world is an era of evil. The war constantly happens every day, murder case, violence, deceiving, ego,
ruthless, ignorance, arrogance is prevalent. Such a state has been going on for thousands of years. In the age
of witch hunting, innocent women were burned out, in India the widow lived in fire and in Israel there was a
human child's sacrifice, innumerable warfare occurred, countless people were killed and there is no bright
prospect in the future. Will the violence that had become a habit for thousands of years stop, at all?

Peace not a utopia

In conclusion, the millenarianism will come and the war will be gone. Besides, in our era.
However, something that we would expect from utopia does not come. "Utopia" is peace without disputation and
trouble and suffering, but the " millenarianism " that will come from now has a slightly different meaning
from that. Still, it will be a much better time than today.
First of all, there will be no war. And the murder will be gone. In short, it means that the suffering brought
about artificially will be gone. If this is realized, is not it a very big change? There will be no hell that
men made men drop in.
On the other hand, accidents and diseases that are force majeure will not go away. Because living on the earth
itself is due to the atonement of Karma. Therefore, it is natural that there is punishment. Still, there will
be no bearable suffering, that people can not carry on.

Pretense utopia

So, the true utopia - a world without troubles and suffering -, will it come. But that is what happens in the
world after God has abandoned the world.
This world exists for improve. So, I told you that there is punishment as a matter of course, but if you are
on the planet and you can spend without trouble, it means that fraud is done.
In other words, the "fake utopia" comes in the era of the final judgment, and it is irrelevant to us~ good
people ~who are reading this.
That is such a world. "People have magical powers, science develops greatly, people travel in space, disease
quickly recovers, human beings be reincarnete on earth to enjoy.
But then there is no meaning in life. Life is to make amends of past lives and to help others. Moreover after
that they are supposed to be destroyed.

What kind of reforms are there

"The millenarianism" will come, but it does not come silently and naturally.
Some modern spiritual practitioners say that the arrival of Aquarius (it is our age) represents the reform of
the world. Some say that in Mayan prophecy, the transformation in 2013 is "a sign that spirit of humanity
changes will occur naturally."

But these are reforms, it is a prophecy of good transformation, it is a sign, but it is not what happens
naturally. First of all, it begins with teachings from God. Next, based on that teaching, all people realize
by making efforts for reform. If so, the human race will be able to escape from infinite hell.

Specifically, wisdom is brought to mankind. Until now, mankind has been ignorant about incarnation, but will
come to understand about incarnation. Previous life therapy will also become common. And humanity learns about
Karma 's law, astronomy is also renewed. Furthermore, realizing that the system of the universe and the
incarnation are closely related, Earthlings will learn that there are countless civilizations in this galaxy.

And until now, human beings who thought only of this world such as gold, things, status, sexuality will talk
about people of other stars and other dimensions. Then they will notice that what they have done with a narrow
idea is non-constructive and useless.
In this way, artificial sorrow will be getting rid of.

The millenarianism will come

Then when will the Millennium age come? Actually, it is not a hundreds or thousands of years away. It will
come within this generation. For that purpose, modern we must have effort, and must be a bridge to the future.
Even if God works, humanity will perish if mankind turns away. Mankind turned away at the age of Christ two
thousand years ago. So for the past two thousand years, Human beings have waged war after the war, and they
have killed each other, cheated and despised each other
But today is different. That is because Christ sown seed two thousand years ago. Today it will sprout after
2,000 years. And this time, human beings will obey God. Mankind will grow tree of peace.

The two meanings

That one meaning of the millenarianism is what happens on Earth as above. But the other meaning is that we go
up to the upper world. Rather, the word of the millenarianism should be taken as to go up to the heavenly
That means that after humankind leaves this solar system, they can live in another upper area than this solar
system. That place is not a place like a phantom, we can live with physical consciousness properly like
earthlings. Moreover, it is a shining and peaceful place.
Is this "the heaven" there? It is no difference in the upper world, but it is not even "paradise" which Buddha
says, nor "the kingdom of God" which Christ says. That is, although it is not the target arrival point, it is
a place where you can live far more gentle and happier than the Earth.

The angels come down to the earth via here and the souls who have fallen from the heavenly world will also
come to the earth via here. Also, we have to pass through there as we go up to heaven. That is the kind of
relay station like that.
However, most human beings could not go up to such a place for over two thousand years.
However, the time when the majority of people are going up there is the future world. That is the meaning of
the Millenarianism age.


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