Japan will be the center of the earth
(However, it needs requirement / Nostradamus' prophecy)

White race

Today, developed countries refer to the United States and Europe, and developing countries refer to Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Southeast Asia and others. In a nutshell, this means that modernity is the supremacy of white people.
Indeed white races have a history of enslaving blacks. They disdained against other colored races and looked down on them.
In addition, people of other races, even if active in Africa, Asia, Southeast Asia etc, are not called " world famous", but if a man play an active part in Europe or America, he will be called " world famous".
In other words, white race is synonymous with "world".

History of the world

So why is the world white supremacy? Of course people will say. "Because the civilizations of the United States and Europe are progress" "Because they have economic power" "Because they have military power" And "It is because there was no time when other races became representatives of the world like them in the history we know. Always the ruler of the historical world was white. Roman rule, British development, America's success, all white people. We have never heard of Africans ruled the world or that the Asians controlled the world. "
However, it is because the recognition of history we know is only a limited range. Recognition of the history of the earthling people is at most three thousand years ago.
Christ was in the AD. Historical facts that Rome had dominated Israel in that era were revealed by historical researchers. Even a thousand years back, from the Babylonian captivity to the era of King David, it is confirmed by the material.
But the earlier history is ambiguous.

Misunderstood of history recognition

Scholars of official recognition of the modern day believe that the Egyptian pyramid of Kuff (actually Ra 's) was built five thousand years ago (actually 12 thousand years ago).
Also, Moses' Exodus is thought to be around 1,500 BC (actually 5000 BC).
The reason why they are ~ human beings ~ recognize wrong history is because there is no way to learn facts. The reason why they decide Exodus as 1,500 BC is to compute the age written in Judges. However, Judges is not literally to read
Thus, modern human beings do not grasp only the history of thousands of years ago at most. That means that human beings do not know the times when the blacks were the main characters of this planet and the era when the Indians were the protagonists.
Speaking of such things, many people will laugh, but people who laugh are ignorant.

The world's main five races

There are five races in this world. It is changed depending on the climate, altitude, latitude etc of the living place of the person.
Clearly I will tell you that human beings on the earth are all equal and their height, body shape, face shape, skin color and so on will differ depending on the spirit of the soul being born. So, no race is the best.

One of them is a black race. Another is a white race. And yellow race. The other two are very ambiguous due to the mixture, but the brown race seen in India and South America, and the red race seen in American Indians and Maya Indians. This total of five people is the main race of the world.

Yellow race

As mentioned above, the central race of the present world is Caucasian. This white race is distributed in Europe and America, but Americans are immigrants from Europe, the occurrence of European white race is around Caucasus, the modern real center is Israel . Therefore, the modern white race distributed in the world has become a ruler of the world.
However, as you can see from contemporary Israeli-Palestinian conflicts, they have been in conflict for so long. Now Israel is not the most peaceful place in the world, it has become the most dangerous place.

In this state, will God keep them taking over initiative forever? Even if the initiative from Israel to Rome, the United Kingdom and the United States is transferred, however, Americans have dropped the atomic bomb in Japan, interfered with the conflict in the Middle East and joined themselves in battle. It is not at all peaceful.
So God decided to deprive the white race's initiative and give it to other races. That is a yellow race.


Yellow race country is China, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, Taiwan and so on. (Southeast Asia counts as brown race). Among these countries, the largest is China, but China is not a democratic country. It is a dictatorship named Communism. China is the most popular of the yellow race, but China will not become the center of the world.
In conclusion, irrespective of the size of the land, the economy and other developments, the country that will be the center of the world in the future will be Japan. (As I am a Japanese who write this, I am not at all patronize Japan)
Well, every country's people are proud of their country, but every country has beauty and faults. So let's list the good and bad points of Japan that will become the center of the world from now on.

Good point and Bad point of Japan,

Bad point
As for the evil of Japan, the depravity of sex appears first. It began around 1980. Until then, there were only porn magazines or porn movies, video was invented, domestic porn became outrageous, prostitutes increased.
Furthermore, around the year 2000, DVDs were invented, furthermore due to the spread of personal computers and mobile phones, the corruption became more intense, and sexual regulation became severe, sex industry submerged underground, it has become a terrible situation than before.
And not only did people feel guilty about free sex, but rather they declared that them were status. In this way, the Japanese are now falling on the ground.
Also, the gap between rich and poor are also growing. Even if the number of unemployed people increases, the rich people do not give jobs to them, and Unemployed young people have turned to criminals.
Due to the Sense of stagnation, the number of suicide has increased, the disease by karma also spreads, there are many who run to crime, and the murder case is reported every day. It is not uncommon for parents to kill their children and children kill their parents.

Good point
The goodness of Japan is in its politeness. This applies not only to Japan, but also to Korea. (Rather, Koreans are superior because there is no corruption of sex, however, Korea has just been democratized, it is too military.)
Such humility will not be the same around the world. On the other hand, courtesies are lacking in China as if educating arrogance rather than courtesy. Courtesy is a form of justice.
And, in Japan although the depravity of sex is extraordinary, some people oppose such a society and pass through seriousness.
Also, Japan has no other country with resentment of war. They are in friendly relations with the United States that dropped the atomic bomb and they have not condemned any country. (dictatorship, North Korea is different, because they are raging at this moment).
On the contrary China still hate Japan due to past war problems, even as generations changed, they are making demos frequently. In addition, they covers the dictatorship of North Korea.
For the above reasons, the yellow race - among them - Japan - was chosen. Also, even if the reasons above are excluded, as in Israel, Japan has the advantage of land that is convenient for disseminating teachings to the world.

Nostradamus' prophecy

The famous prophecy of Nostradamus, the hundred verses 10-72 prophecies, the word "the king of Angormore" comes out. Researchers have shown this to be an anagram of Mongolian (yellow race).
This means from the yellow race that the teachings of the Lord are brought forth, it means that Asians will become the central race after this. And, among them, Japan will play a central role.
However, it is not due to military power, nor is it due to economic power. It does not mean rule over another countries. It is that they will be in a position to teach courtesy, humility and so on.

However, it needs requirement

Although this should also be said, Japan will not become a central country unless Japan recovers from the depravity of sex. And if the state of intense difference of rich and poor is continuing like India once, it will be proof that love is lacking in Japan.
To solve these problems, if the Japanese citizens are sexually pure, very compassionate with mercy, sincere, and do activities to help others and other countries, it will be the center of the world.


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