Decline of America
Decline of America
(Americans are former Atlantis / People will reform swords into plows and spears into pots)

Modern America

There is probably no one who does not agree with the idea that America is the most developed in the modern world. The United States boasts the world's largest military power and economic power, so the current center of the world can be said to be America.
Conversely the poorest is Africa. Education and medical care are not going forward and there is no economic power ~ There are differences in each country in Africa ~ democratic state is not established.
Next, looking at Asia, Japan is developing economically only ~ China is rapidly developing ~, Southeast Asia is still low level. There, even barbarous things such as human trafficking and organ trafficking are done.

In Europe it is richer on average, but it does not mean that it is developing proactively. Besides, the Middle East has waged on war constantly and has been devastated.
Beside the United States, the South part is somewhat primitive, but the North part is developing greatly.
However, even though it is developing economically, if the gap between rich and poor is intense and only warfare is done, it can not be called peace.
Americans seem to think that they are warring for peace as the police of the world, but there is no such thing as "war for peace" in the first place. Because the war itself is non-peaceful.

And Americans are conceit that they are "the center of the world". Moreover, its development is only the last two hundred years.
But now who can imagine the decline of America? Yes, in the near future America will not be the center of the world.
Economy is not real "power". Military power should be eliminated from the ground, this is not "power" too.
And, one of the other "power" of them, information of the alien. This is should not be monopolistic, it should be shared. If America does not have these, it means that it is not much different from other countries.

Center of the world

Originally, the center of the world is Israel, in the present. For that reason teaching ~ religion ~ is being delivered from there.
Why Israel is the center, it is because God has decided. So why did God decide that because Israel is in the middle of the earth, it was advantageous to spread teaching around the world.
Not because the inhabitants who lived there were excellent. It was simply because of land use. Excellent people, such as saints, God's gave them reincarnation there and placed them later.

Therefore, Israel is not great, it has become a center because it was mere focused by God. That is why the saints drawn in the Bible were all from Israel. God himself also born there and worked.
However, as humanity was stupid, it had become a battleground already three thousand years ago~ 1000 BC, and it was also rough in the Christ 's birth. And after the age of Christ, God stopped seeing it. Therefore, Israel has been devastated. Temple of Jerusalem has been destroyed until now.

And avoid fierce Israel and to widely disseminate teaching, the apostles went to Greece and Rome, which played a central role at the time, and the teaching settled there. It was later called Constantinople, which expanded the nation but declined, eventually became a part of modern Italian land, became a present Vatican City.
In addition, because the economic and military development was not in Italy but in the UK, Britain began to emerge in the world, and British immigrants have crossed the United States and there is the present condition.


When we look like this, you can see that the religious philosophy has swept the world from Israel to Rome times, but after the history of Britain you will find that the purpose of mankind has changed.
From about this time ~about 1700 years, humanity loses religious zeal, the religious organization have distorted the teachings of Christ, they came to dominate economic and military strength more than religion.

In other words, from this time, human beings are beginning to emphasize self-advantage in particular.
Art development such as music of the European era, literature, painting, etc. may have been a means to compete with others and show self-advantage.
It has not changed since the stage moved to America. People like to show off what they are winning than others by sports. They also take a big car, live in a big house, make a flashy movie, open a lively party and show off self priority and thier country's advantage.
And then. There is often love lacking there. Love is non- self priority, it's about humility. In other words, although America is a Christian country, only the surface is Christian, and they do not know the teachings of Christ.


Why did such things happen, because Americans are different from in other countries' souls.
They are not the souls that are reincarnated on Earth before A.D. The soul that continues to rebound on the earth is a low level that needs to be redoneed, but the souls of many Americans are different. They were those who had escaped the earth before A.D. and went up to the upper world, but they had descended to the earth again without rising.
In other words, some of them have left the earth in the Atlantis era before 10,000 BC, living for a while in the upper world, but some of them have lowered the level of the soul and have fallen to the earth again.

And they began to reborn to the land where they lived, Atlantis. Originally "Atlantic Ocean " was named by Atlantis and it shows that Atlantis is sinking there.
They lived in the UK first, as the UK was close to the Ogdo Island of Atlantis. (That's why there is Stone Henge) Then, they started living in America near Poseidia Island.
Because they reached the earth by skipping the Christ era, they still can not understand the words of Christ (although they know that Christ is a savior, as they are highly savvy), they showing the nature of self-superiority.
(The cause that they descended from the upper world was also ego).

Edgar Cayce's leading excerpt

Edgar Cayce says like this
A lot of Atlantis who are contrary to law of the One are now living on the ground.
Protect you from these people. Protect yourself from their self-ignorant thoughts, they are pursue only their own interests and ignore people and the whole.

It is said, many modern people (not only Americans) are reincarnation of Atlantis, they are selfish and have cruelty that does not care about others.

About the teaching of Christ

There is such phrase in the metaphor of Christ.
"When the evil spirits are kicked out, they wander in the desert, and as there are no places to go anywhere, they will come back again and the house is cleaned cleanly, the evil spirits stay there and that man will be worse than before."
Once Atlantis was destroyed by their own evil. After it sank, the Americas uplifted. And the evil souls fell to hell, and they were to reincarnate on earth again. They are, so to say, the soul of the earth's indigenous people.

Meanwhile, the good souls who did not ruin - the former Atlantis who had been up in the heavenly world were also driven out of the heavenly world, and they were born again in modern earth since about 12,000 years. And many of them have found a substitute for Atlantis, the former hometown, America, which was cleaner than ever before.
And those who are reincarnated in modern America have made it worse than in former Atlantis. They possessed nuclear weapons, hiding alien information, fighting wars, arrogance that they are world leaders, abused sex, made it a messy world.
Would such a terrible country continue to be a leader forever?

The history of the universe

There is history in the universe. If there is a beginning time, there is a time of the end. However, there is a spectacular time flow that can not be imagined with a tiny human head. So, you do not have to worry about the end at all. Rather, you should worry about your ego.
Well, from the time flow of such magnificent universe - looking from the viewpoint of the history of the earth only - the development of the two hundred years of America is equal to nothing. Still, from a human who has only a lifetime of about a hundred years, the development of America may appear to last forever.
But it will soon end and the world will no longer be dominated by any country and will have average peace.

Future Earth

That does not mean that the US is defeated by war, the military strength drops and they lose economic power. They themselves let go of ego and military power. In that way any country will stop spontaneously competing.
Peace may come, just as it is written in the Bible.

Isaiah: "People restored the sword to plow and the spear to pot"


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